O2 seewhatwecando to protect our children

How to block 18+ content for the under 18s

Today's mobile phones offer an exciting range of different services and content. Much of the content available on mobiles is suitable for people of all ages, but some of it should really only be viewed by consenting adults.

We respect our customers' freedom to choose the material that they access. But at the same time, we want to protect young people from seeing things they shouldn't. So our approach to controlling access is strict.

Under age until proven otherwise

To protect our younger customers, we assume that all users are under 18 years old. In effect, when you get a new mobile phone, before you are able to look at any 18+ content, you will have to prove you're old enough.

What to do

You can check your child's phone is set at the right level Click here or calling the Age Verification automated service on 61018. This is especially important with a second-hand phone, which could have been switched to the 18+ setting by its previous owner. If your child has a second-hand phone that has been switched to 18+, we can reset it to the under 18 setting for you.

18+ content and O2

As a company, O2 does not produce any 18+ content. We do allow certain third parties to offer 18+ content via our network, but this content remains blocked from a phone until the owner has been through the Age Verification process outlined above.

It's worth noting that, even though a phone with an under 18 setting will block access to 18+ content, this is limited to those sites, games or services where the content providers have a commercial relationship with O2. Other material on the web will not be blocked unless you activate our Parental Control service.

To restrict web access with Parental Control, call our automated service on 61818. For more information on this, see the Parental Control

Once you've blocked 18+ content on your child's phone, we recommend you remain vigilant and continue to supervise their mobile use as much as possible. When it comes to going online or playing games on their mobiles, it's a good idea to teach your children to keep their wits about them.

Who decides what material is rated 18+?

The Independent Mobile Classification Body (IMCB) is an independent organisation appointed by mobile phone operators to provide guidelines for classifying commercial content that is unsuitable for people under the age of 18.