O2 seewhatwecando to protect our children

Reporting spam

Some companies send people unwanted text messages advertising something they're trying to sell. The texts might include a premium rate number to call or text back. These messages are known as spam.

O2 works with several different organisations to try to stop the spread of spam texts. We investigate messages that are forwarded to us and, if we can, we will take action against the companies sending them.

What to do

Spam text messages are annoying, but there is a very simple way to deal with any spam you receive. The best thing to do is simply not respond to it. Instead, you should forward the spam to us on 7726.

If the message is a scam, such a 'Win a holiday' type of message, it will often have a response phone number to call. In this instance, O2 can bar the number to prevent customers from losing money by calling.

In more complicated cases, we'll look into the messages in greater depth and take steps to prevent further costs or damage to customers. We also work with PhonepayPlus and other operators to help protect young people and other customers from spam texts.

Safety in numbers

We've made a handy little card with all the vital numbers for our child protection services on it - so you'll be able to remember 'safety in numbers' wherever you go. We're giving the cards out in store to parents, teachers and anyone else who looks after children, but you can download a digital version here